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Baltimore Metro Girls High School Indoor Lacrosse League

General Information 2017 - 18


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Fastbreak Lax is pleased to present another season of indoor lacrosse for high school girls.

Teams can be SCHOOL ORIENTED or CLUB BASED with four divisions of talent. The strongest teams will comprise the “A” division, the teams with average to above-average skills will make up, the “B” level, and the less-experienced teams will round out the “C” division. The coach and/or organizer will have a major role in deciding at which level her/his team will play. Since we have limited field time, it is important that your application and deposit be sent in to us as soon as possible.

BYES:  no byes

LOCATION:  Coppermine Training Center at Cross Keys (4 Hamill Road, Baltimore, MD 21210)

DATES: League starts Sunday, Nov 26, 2017 and ends Feb 4, 2018- in house tournament and party.

FEES: The team fee is $ 2250.00 which includes payments to referees, referee assigner, scorekeepers, trainer, arena field rental, team lax balls, game balls, and other Fastbreak Lax operating expenses. TEAMS PROVIDE THEIR OWN JERSEYS AND EQUIPMENT. A minimum deposit of $ 500  is due by October 25th, 2017 is to be included with the team application to hold a place for your team. The final balance of $ 1900 is due by November 15th, 2017.  Checks payable to:  Fastbreak Lax LLC

EARLY BIRD SPECIAL.............  $50 off of team fee if you make your final payment by the deadline date (no exceptions)

REFERRAL REWARD................If you bring in another team or program new to Fastbreak Lax, or which did not play in 2016-17 but did play in our organization before then, we will deduct $25 from your team fee for each referral up to 4.  This reduction will be taken off of the final balance and not the deposit.